My Program

I’m able to get this awesome experience because of API, or Academic Programs International. It’s a third party program that isn’t connected to any other universities, so I get to be traveling with a completely random mix of students, which is really cool. We’ve already been emailing each other on a listserv in pure excitement, and the group sounds like it’s going to be pretty sick. I will already know a couple of people in Galway, so I won’t be completely alone, but I also won’t be surrounded by a gaggle of close knit Americans that could inhibit my cultural experience, so I’m pretty excited about that.

I get to go on a few trips that are included in my tuition, such as Dublin, Edinburgh, County Clare, and Connemara. I also intend to venture to England and the Continent a time or two.

For more information about my program or any others that API offers, you should totally visit their site. They’re really great!


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