Last Week of Classes!

It’s official: I’m finished with classes for the week!! Now to pick up where I left off…

Last Thursday night was Orla’s birthday party, so Katie and I went out with all of her friends! Orla’s real birthday isn’t until Saturday, but she wanted to have her party a week early while everyone was still in town, since a lot of people have already left for Easter weekend.  The whole lot of us pregamed at the apartment (if you’ve been keeping count, that makes for four parties thrown at our place for the week), and Katie and I were the only Americans there, which was really fun… although there was a bit of trouble when one of Orla’s friends broke our couch, oops. We then went out to Carbon and had a great night.

I had a very chill day and night on Friday, and on Saturday morning the API group embarked on our final excursion to Dublin! We first checked out the Book of Kells that was on display at Trinity College; it was so cool! Especially for a history nerd like myself. Then, some of the group took a bus tour through a lot of the city. There wasn’t any room on the lower level, so we all had to sit on the top of the bus, which was only partly covered and therefore ABSOLUTELY FREEZING. After about an hour of being driven around, our group got off right outside of the old Jameson distillery! All of the tours were booked for the next hour, so we all bought our tickets and had a drink (or two) at the front bar. I got this almond flavored whiskey sour and it was so delicious. The tour itself was great; quite possibly my favorite of all of the breweries/distilleries that I’ve been on so far. After that, we all went back to the hotel, where Katie, Amanda, and I had dinner. I got this really good tomato and coriander soup with duck spring rolls, and a Bailey’s coffee for dessert. I passed out around 10 pm and was ready for the next day! 

Sunday, we had a girls day full of SHOPPING and good food. Corinne, Alexis, Evita, Liz, Kyle, Katie, and I all went to Topshop (where I bought yet another article of clothing, a gorgeous tie dye maxi dress). We walked down Grafton Street and saw this really cool band called Key West playing live for a big group of people. We stayed and watched them for a bit, then went on to our next destination: the cosmetics store Lush, aka my new obsession. The company makes all totally natural products that are tested on human volunteers instead of animals. Although the products were a bit pricey, I ended up buying a facial cleanser, moisturizers for the face and body, and dry shampoo (and, after nearly a week of use, it’s safe to say that my skin absolutely loves me… I cannot recommend this brand enough, everyone go out and buy their products! There’s a product for everyone). After all our shopping, we had definitely worked up a good appetite and found a Lebanese restaurant to eat at. It had a great ambiance and really reminded me of my favorite restaurant back in Memphis called Casablanca. I got stuffed grape leaves for an appetizer, and chicken shawerma as my entree. I totally loved this meal, and it made me realize how much I love Mediterranean-style food. After lunch and a drink at the pub called the Bleeding Horse, we all met back at the hotel to wait for the bus back to Galway. Overall, the trip to Dublin was one of the most fun and relaxed excursions thus far!

The beginning of this week was full of finishing up assignments and essays for my classes (why does it always seem like professors assign the most work right at the end of the semester? That’s what exams are for). So on Wednesday, the last day of classes, I was all finished up and ready to celebrate. It was Amanda’s 21st birthday, so our API group went out to celebrate. Alysse’s family was in town to visit, so they had all of us over to their hotel that had this great rooftop view of Galway; it was a really classy affair. We then went out to Hole in the Wall, McSwiggans, and the Skeff. Definitely such a fun night.

Thursday night, Katie and I went out with Alexis, Evita, Peter, and Ryan (and Ryan’s dad!) to McSwiggans, Taaffe’s, and the Quays for a couple of drinks. Katie and I ended up at McDonalds (where I got my typical double cheeseburger… oops) then went back home! Today, I’ve been getting ready for Katie’s and my Eurotrip this week! So get ready for that blog post 🙂 

Image Ready for my trip, 2005 style.



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