Literally…. this week has been way too insane. It started out with me losing my iPhone at the silent disco last Tuesday, which was a traumatic experience in itself. Wednesday, I went out with Alexis, Evita, Katie, Alysse, Kyle, and Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law to the Skeff and Karma and took it easy for the night. It was super fun to dance with my girlfriends, although I had to elbow multiple aggressive boys in the chest for trying to bump into us. On Thursday, Katie and I went out to our Irish friend’s birthday party, then went out with a bunch of other Irish friends to Karma (again), but this time–apparently someone thought this was a great idea–there were people shooting green slime from giant squirt guns onto people dancing in the crowd. Katie and I tried to wash all of it off in the bathroom of the club, but to no avail. This slime nearly ruined a brand new Topshop dress, and I had to go home early to shower; I’m not sure the last time I felt so disgusting.

I stayed in on Friday to get ready for my parents to come in the next morning, which coincidentally was my 21st birthday! It was so great to see them after two and a half months. I met them at their hotel and napped in a big, fluffy hotel bed–a huge step up from the single bed in my apartment. I then met up with my friend Margaret, who is currently spending a semester in Glasgow and decided to spend the weekend with me. All four of us went out to dinner at Martine’s Wine Bar, where I got delicious chicken and mashed potatoes. I also bought a replacement phone to tide me over for the rest of the semester… a pink plastic brick phone that looks like it’s come straight out of 2004. It’s actually grown on me, but I’m pretty sad I no longer have a camera to document my time here. Ah well. Later Saturday night, I had a party at the apartment and invited both American and Irish friends; it was really funny to watch the Irish girls beat a couple of Americans at beer pong… I was pretty proud. We then went out to Carbon (FINALLY!), and I got a free bottle of champagne since it was my birthday. Overall it was such a fun night! A very successful 21st.

The next day was quite possibly one of the biggest days of the year… St. Patrick’s Day! Margaret, my parents, and I made it over downtown to get lunch at the Skeff, and I got a chicken quesadilla, tea, and soup. We watched some of the parade, which was full of Irish dancers, brightly dressed groups of people, and cars moving slowly to loud music. We tried to get inside a few pubs, but everywhere was so crowded that we gave up after a while and took a bit of a siesta before getting dinner. We all met back up at my parents’ hotel and got drinks and dinner there, and then Margaret went back to my apartment, where my housemates were throwing a St. Paddy’s day party. Margaret decided to go to bed early since she had to get up at 3 am for a bus, so I stuck with Orla for most of the night, ending up at the Front Door for ages and staying out super late.

The next day I accidentally slept in super late but met up with my parents for dinner at the Spanish Arch, which was delicious. I took the parents to a couple of pubs that played traditional Irish music and they loved it! I then went back home and hung out with Katie and her friends who had visited for the weekend for a long time; it was such a great, chill night. Tuesday I had to get back in the swing of things with classes (a rough transition after such a busy weekend), and last night my API friends and I went out to the Roisin Dubh for the silent disco, yet again. Tonight I get to celebrate two more friends’ birthdays…. My life is so busy. Thankfully I only have one more week of classes before Easter Break, and I’m looking forward to my Eurotrip with Katie, which is fast approaching. Hopefully you guys could follow all of the crazy events of the week, cheerio for now! xx


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