Happy Thursday!

And a wonderful Valentine’s day to everyone! I hope everyone’s day has been filled with love, and that my fellow single ladies out there didn’t feel too bitter or miserable all day and drown their sorrows in chocolates… because that’s a bit pathetic. There are so many other things to celebrate about life!

Anywho, this week has been pretty fantastic. I’ve gone to the gym a few times (and FINALLY got to use the leg press, that thing is never free), so I guess a lot of the good vibes are coming from my endorphins. Tuesday was pancake day here in Ireland, but I actually never ended up celebrating it by eating pancakes… instead Katie and I went out with some friends to go do karaoke at a pub called Fibber Mcgee’s! They apparently have karaoke Monday through Thursday nights as well as 1.50 drink deals on Mondays, soo I know where my new favorite hangout spot is going to be. Our group listened to a few other ear-drum-shattering numbers (Katie and I literally were cringing at one song), until after a little bit of liquid courage, I decided to go up and sing a song. After looking through the songbook, I chose “C’est La Vie” by BWitched (an old favorite of mine), and let me tell y’all it was a crowd pleaser. People were singing and dancing along with the song, so I felt pretty proud of myself. The rest of the night was filled with chilling and talking with friends, and I feel like I got to know a few people in our API group that I hadn’t really talked to all that much before, so all in all it was a great night.

Since Lent started on Wednesday, I’ve decided to give up chai tea. Although it’s usually only 2 euro or less on campus, when you really think about it, those daily lattes can add up. And after my pretty expensive weekend in Amsterdam, my wallet is feeling the strain of being abroad. But so far I’ve made it two days without my chai tea fix, so I feel pretty successful! Hopefully I can keep it up until at least Easter.

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day! No rain for once. I took advantage of the Art Society’s casual Thursdays where the studio is open to anyone from 1-5 in the afternoon, which is pretty cool. There weren’t that many people there but I started work on a drawing of Pounce (da chillest cat ever) for about an hour. Then later tonight I went over to Corinne’s apartment with Katie and a few other API friends for delicious Valentine’s Day baked goods (red velvet and cheesecake cake, slutty brownies, eclairs, and chocolate candies) so it’s safe to say I’m pretty stuffed.

Tomorrow morning our group embarks on a trip to Edinburgh for the weekend! I’m so excited to travel to yet another awesome city. I’ve found myself actually missing Amsterdam a bit; I feel like I didn’t get to spend enough time there and wish I could go again soon. Next week is Rag Week for NUIG students… for my William and Mary friends, think of Blowout, Homecoming, and Campus Golf all rolled in to one insanely raucous and drunken week. I’ve heard so many crazy stories from my housemates and their friends (people climbing on top of cars and telephone poles, running naked through the streets, having riots at Supermacs, etc.), so while I’m excited I’m also a bit terrified of what will go down. Basically, get excited for next week’s post… if I survive.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how Ireland is really becoming my home. When I was on the bus back from Dublin to Galway last weekend after my trip to Amsterdam, I couldn’t help but think about how familiar and comforting being around Irish accents was again. I’m starting to feel like I stick out a little bit less like a sore thumb and am getting more into the groove of being a native. After my shopping spree at Topshop, I at least look the part more than I did last month. In addition to walking the walk, I’ve started to talk the talk as well, throwing in an occasional “oh that’s grand” and “great craic” into my conversations. I’m sure when I get back to the states my friends will be so weirded out. I’ve already started to feel like my time here is flying by; it’s unbelievable to think that I’ve been here a month and a half already. I’ve even started to give some thought to the possibility of coming back here after college, but that’s a ways off so we’ll see. The country and the people here are so awesome and fantastic; I’m definitely embracing everything about the Irish spirit.. maybe that’s also why I’ve been so incredibly happy this whole week. I can’t wait to see what the next week has in store for me as well, so until next time, xxxx


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