I seriously can’t believe it, guys. Sometimes it still hasn’t hit me that I’m really here. I’ve gotten into the routine of going to classes, the gym (I hit my quota of going three times last week, I’m so proud), and the pubs/clubs from time to time, so life just seems very normal now. It all feels so natural just to go about my business, run errands to Dunnes, and even order Chinese food and pizza occasionally. While a lot of aspects of life are pretty different over here, it’s surprising to think how similar my life still is sometimes. I’m still little ol’ me, a college student, still relatively lost in the world, but I just happen to be thrown into a completely new environment. I guess most of the initial culture shock and adjustment periods have finally settled down so that my life can reach a level of normalcy once more. I definitely do not feel nearly as overwhelmed as I did that first week, and I’ve been able to get a good feel of the city and campus. My classes are much more enjoyable than at William and Mary; I think it’s because I’m finally not in a bunch of GER or International Relations classes that I despise. I’m totally geeking out in my medieval history classes (I can’t believe it took me so long to realize how perfect History is as a major for me). So it’s not really a problem making it to classes, even though most of them are lectures that don’t even take roll. I actually want to go to them… a very different attitude that I’m not really used to having in regards to classes. 

This week started out pretty slow, with the usual classes/gym/reading routine happening Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wednesday night I went out to the pubs with some API friends. I had a group over to pregame at the apartment, and we went to the Skeff, which I had yet to venture to, and that was great craic. It was a pretty classy establishment with friendly people and tasty beverages. I had done a little bit of clothes shopping at Dunnes the weekend before, so I was able to wear my new blue and black leopard print pants and studded black boot/heels (each for only a cool 10 euros). After the Skeff, we split into two groups, one going to Karma and the other to the Quays. I naturally avoided the nightclub and went to the Quays with Corinne, Trace, Ryan, and our Irish friend Peter. We stayed until the pub nearly closed, and at Trace’s suggestion, we journeyed to Charcoal Grill and got some great late night food. After that we were thoroughly stuffed and made our way back home.

Thursday, I slept until 1 pm (thankfully I didn’t have class until 4). That night, the API group got together again and went out to the clubs (Karma and Coyote’s again… I really can’t seem to escape them, or the many Hollister- and Aeropostale-clad drunk Irish boys that lurk there). I finally broke free and went to the Front Door to meet up with fellow API student Ryan and some Irish friends. We stayed there for a while and then left to get late night Supermac’s (which is Ireland’s version of McDonalds). Friday, I slept till 4 pm and celebrated the fact that I didn’t have class by being totally lazy and doing nothing. Katie’s friend Michelle, who is currently studying abroad in London, came to visit, so we got to entertain her and take her out that night. We started out at an ABC (Anything But Clothes) party, but none of us dressed the theme. I finally figured out how to do a sock bun, so I wore my hair up all fancy, despite the fact that there was a sock holding it up.

IMG_0366 Photographic bun evidence.

After that, a group of us went to the Quays, where there was an older clientele (since it was Friday, most of the Irish students had gone home for the weekend), so we left after a couple of minutes and went to the Front Door (soon becoming my favorite hangout spot). After an incident where an extremely intoxicated Irish man spilled his drink all over my hair/face/outfit, we all decided to make moves elsewhere. The majority of the group was pushing for Karma, and since that club kind of rubs me the wrong way, I ventured on my own across the street to meet up with a couple of my Irish friends at Buskers for a bit. Once we got a bit tired of being there, we went to McDonalds for (more) late night grub. I really need to stop going to these places after a night out… not so great for my diet or my bank account. Today has consisted of lazing about, and tonight will be a continuation of that… no more ridiculous spending for a while, considering I also got some great pieces from Topshop with my leftover book money. The package should come in the next few days; I’m so excited to start getting into the European fashion world.

P.S. for those of y’all that are interesting in all things fashion, definitely take a gander at, there are a lot of great looks uploaded by real people for fashion inspiration.

I also bought tickets for my big Eurotrip come April: I’ll be going to London, Paris, Florence, and Prague! And my friends Trace and Ryan and I decided, a little bit on a whim, to go to Amsterdam next weekend, so I’m really excited for my first semi-independent excursion, to a beautiful city nonetheless! This week has been a bit big for spending, but I am in Europe, so I do need to live it up while I’m here, I suppose……


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