Good Craic.

A quick lesson on more Irish lingo:

shifting = making out

craic (pronounced like crack) = fun/a good time

Not to actually be confused with the drug (unless that’s your idea of having a good time, and if that’s the case, I hope you’d seriously reevaluate your life and decisions… because we all know crack is wack), having great or fine craic pretty much just means an experience that usually involves friends and laughs. So, to put the two words together: Suzy had a great craic shifting with a certain lad on the dance floor last night. No, Suzy was not smoking crack with a shifty guy; she was just making out with him in da club. But, Suzy, beware! He probably tastes like an ash tray due to the copious amount of hand-rolled cigarettes he’s been puffing all night. But at this point Suzy is probably too drunk to notice. So goes a typical night out in Ireland. Not that I personally have ever had this experience, dear parents, it’s all metaphorical.

Anywho, this past week started out uneventfully, with me dutifully going to class and doing readings, etc. Monday and Tuesday nights I just stayed in and did some schoolwork and got my sleep on. Wednesday, however, I was ready to go out, so Katie and I went to a pregame with our fellow API students, which was really fun. We played a round of Kings, and everyone had to put their phones in the middle of the table so as not to be too distracted to talk to people in the group. The first person to pick up their phone in the stack would have to buy everyone a round of drinks later that night; everyone was too cheap/poor to take that risk, so we all just had fun with each other! We then made our way to Kelly’s pub, where a social event for the International Students Society was underway. Our group got there kind of late, so we didn’t really do much socializing outside our circle. After that, we went to the Front Door, which was more fun and crowded and hung out there until 1 then made our way back home.

The next day I was feeling rough… it was a miracle that I made it to class and survived the walk home. I took a bit of a frat nap after that, woke up at 9 pm, and was ready to go. This time I went out with my housemate, Orla, and her friends, again to the Front Door. It was really interesting to go out with a different group of people and see how they all went about things even if it was at the same pub. The Front Door was even more crowded that night, but the people were friendly and we all had a great time. Today, since I didn’t have class, I slept in super late and have vegged out literally all day, a great way to recoup from the past two nights. This weekend, most of my housemates will be staying in town so hopefully we’ll have some chill movie nights or something. Tomorrow, our study abroad group will take a day trip to County Clare and see the cliffs of Moher. I’m sure there will be a ton of great pictures, so I’ll definitely post a few after I get back! Goodbye for now 🙂


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