Galway Girl

I’ve officially completed my first full week in Ireland! I’m also officially in love with the country. Let’s see, time to pick up from where I last left off…

I woke up Wednesday morning, walked to campus, and went to class. Afterward, I went to the club/societies fair to sign up for some things to get more involved and meet more Irish people! Some of the groups I signed up for include the Art Club, Kayaking Club (!!), and the International Students Society. I’m so stoked to get started with some of the activities these groups offer, such as open studio hours and live model still life sessions for the Art Club and cheap excursions around the country funded by the International Students Society. It’s gonna be a busy semester.

Wednesday night Katie and I had a few American students over for a pregame, and we were planning on going to the pubs afterward, but a lot of us ended up just staying in and playing beer pong and chatting. It was definitely a really fun, chill night (as well as cheap since we didn’t go out… always a plus). Thursday, however, was a bit rough, but I was able to make it to campus even though my head was pounding and my laptop died before my lecture started. The solution to the afternoon’s challenges lay in some aspirin and a nice nap, so by the time the evening rolled around, I was ready to rally. Katie, my housemate Amy, and I all went over to Amy’s friend’s apartment to pregame and go clubbing, and we ended up going to Coyote’s (again). It was much more fun on Thursday night than Monday night, although Katie, our friend Shelby from API, and I all got separated from the Irish girls as soon as we got to the club yet again. At one point in the night, the three of us found ourselves in a corner booth with Shelby and Katie being hit on by what I am 90% sure were thirty-year-old Slovenian mob bosses while I was being chatted up by a poor 18 year-old Irish boy that I had to tell over and over again did not have a chance. Eventually, we made it out of that mess and had a lot of fun just the three of us on the dance floor.

Friday turned out to be another rough morning since I had to wake up at 8:30 am to sign up for an English seminar that I needed to take this semester. Thankfully, there were two more spots open when I arrived, so I was able to get what I wanted. After that, I promptly chowed down on some nice pasta from the College Bar, walked home, and took a nap. By the time I woke up it was dinnertime once more, and, as much as I didn’t want to drink again, I ended up being convinced to go out. Shelby had a lot of Americans and people from our program over to her apartment for an American style pregame with beer pong and flip cup (I have to admit I was such a champ at that game). Although I hadn’t originally planned to join the group to go to the pubs, after that game of flip cup I definitely had my second wind, so I walked with everybody down to a pub called the Quays. It was lots of fun to go out with the group from API, although the drinks were super expensive. Afterward, we all walked together to McDonalds and had some late night grub, and I indulged in a double cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milkshake. Oops. Then we all went back to Gort na Coiribe for some well-deserved sleep.

Saturday, Katie and I bummed around the apartment literally all day, watching Irish game shows and doing what we do best: sleeping. We stumbled upon this show called World Without End which takes place in 14th century England and is SO DRAMATIC… we were instantly hooked. That night I finally was able to sleep through the full night, which is a huge accomplishment, considering that literally every night I’ve woken up at 5 am and haven’t been able to fall back asleep until at least 8. Today, Katie and I had a nice walk around Galway’s city center, where I snapped some great photos. We got slightly lost in Ireland’s version of the suburbs on our way back, but somehow managed to find our way back to the apartment unscathed.




With everybody coming back to William and Mary this week, it’s definitely easy to miss school and all of my friends back in the States. Last semester was the most fun I’ve ever had at college, and it was pretty bittersweet to leave everybody and miss out on all the fun stuff that will be going on this semester. It’s weird not having Theta here as my support system and security, and I miss my sisters a lot, especially living in the house. But I know I was starting to feel too complacent and set it my ways last semester, so I do need this complete change in environment to shake things up a bit in my life. This journey is seriously going to be the time of my life, so while I will get a little homesick this week, I can’t let these unique opportunities offered to me pass me by! I’m excited to see this next week unfold, and as always, I’ll update all of y’all about my adventures. So long for now…



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