Twas the Night before Departure

…. And all through the Hammond household, things are pretty damn quiet. Yes, although it is New Year’s Eve, my mother has me sequestered at home to make sure I don’t get myself arrested or killed or something the night before I embark on my journey. Needless to say, this sentence is rather bleak considering my own parents are out gallivanting with their friends, my friends are out gallivanting downtown, and my brother is watching Enchanted. Thus, my company for the night is this guy:


My one solace, of course, is my focus on the impending day or so. My flight leaves in a little over 13 hours (!!!), and I can’t believe I can finally say it, but I’m actually packed and ready to go. I’m afraid I won’t really be able to sleep tonight, but I’m fighting that problem by sipping on some *~*~* sparkling grape juice *~*~* that will also help me calm my nerves. 

Mostly what I’m feeling right now: disbelief. All day, I have been unable to wrap my head around the fact that I leave so soon. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up in Memphis, fall asleep somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, and wake up once more in Shannon, Ireland, where my plane touches down on January 2nd. There will be a few other students from my program on my flight, which will be fun. Basically, I’m just trying to make sure I actually make it over there at this point, double- and triple-checking for my passport and other important documents. Heaven forbid I forget one of those things and get stuck in customs or something. I’m dotting those final i’s and crossing the last t’s to make my journey over there as easy as possible. So, despite the fact that I’m (somewhat) alone on the brink of the New Year, the thoughts of what is to come as 2013 dawns has me excited beyond belief.




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